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27 June 1964 - The Yardbirds


Alpha TV Studio Aston, Birmingham
United Kingdom
"Thank Your Lucky Stars" Television Show (ABC-TV)
Band Lineup: 
Eric Clapton – Lead Guitar 
Keith Relf – Vocals / Harmonica 
Chris Dreja – Rhythm Guitar 
Paul Samwell-Smith – Bass 
Jim McCarty – Drums
Show Notes: 

"Thank Your Lucky Stars" (Season 4, Episode 40) broadcast date. Pre-recorded on an unknown date.

The show the show was recorded live on a Sunday night at the ABC Alpha Studios in Aston, Birmingham, for transmission the following Saturday. However, material was also pre-recorded at the Teddington Studios in London. As information from this era is sketchy, the band may have skipped their regular Sunday gig at the Crawdaddy Club on Sunday 21 June. Or, if they fulfilled that obligation, they may have used the Teddington Studios during the week in London. 

The show was hosted by Brian Matthew. Other musical guests on this episode were The Searchers, The Mojos, Danny Williams, Jess Conrad, Debbie Lee, Troy Dante & The Infernos and Elkie Brooks. The guest DJ was Pete Murray.