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Animal Photographs in Eric Clapton's Album Artwork

Eric Clapton has included photographs of his and a friend’s dogs in his album artwork over the years.

Eric’s dog is included in photos in the booklet accompanying Derek & The Dominos Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs: 20th Anniversary Edition.

A photo of Eric’s dog, Jeep, graces the cover of There’s One In Every Crowd. Jeep even made it into a tour book from that era. (George Harrison also named a song after him. “I Remember Jeep” on All Things Must Pass).

Sock, Billy, and Treacle are featured on the From The Cradle CD (as well in as the accompanying booklet). The dogs belonged to one of the men working in Olympic Studios with Eric. He would bring his dogs to work with him each day.

Although Eric Clapton likes cats and has been photographed with his cats over the years, he has never included them in his album artwork. There is a photo of Clapton with one of his cats in the 1999 Christie’s Guitar Auction Catalog. The photo of the very fat cat inside the Slowhand album has never been positively identified as one of Eric’s pets.