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Various Artists
Charisma Records / Buddah Records
Release Date: 
1 Jan 1973
CD Release Date: 
1 Jan 2002

Track List:
01. Cissy Strut - with Jeff Beck, Todd Rundgren
02. Freedom Jazz Dance - with Keith Emerson
03. Sympathy For The Devil - with Harvey Mandel
04. Mother Nature's Son - with Keith Emerson
05. Road Song - with Eric Clapton, Dr. John, Delaney Bramlett
06. Lay Lady Lay
07. Hey Jude - with Mitch Mitchell
08. He Darked The Sun - with Linda Ronstadt
09. Earl's Shuffle - with Harvey Mandel
10. Getting Back To Molly - with Eric Clapton, Dr. John
11. Cherry Picker - with Jeff Beck
12. Kilpatrick's Disaster
13. Girl From Ipanema
14. No One Knows - with Eric Clapton, Dr. John
15. Living Like A Fool - with Linda Ronstadt
16. Working In A Coalmine - with Jeff Beck
17. Big City Woman - with Jeff Beck
18. On The Rebound - with Keith Emerson

Recorded at The Record Plant, New York City June - August 1969. Double LP released in 1973 as "Music From Free Creek" by Charisma Records (U.K.) and Buddah Records (U.S.). Re-issued by Charisma in 1976 as "Summit Meeting". Released in 2002 and 2006 by Lake Erie Records on CD. Exact dates of release are unknown.