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Where's Eric! - Issue 16

August 1996

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DAVE BRONZE - He may come from Southend but this guy can play the blues (and everything else for that matter). We meet up with Eric's bass player.
FOR THE RECORD - Sessions, Soundtracks and a new single.
DESERT ISLAND ERIC! - Jon Maclean from Bathurst, New South Wales, is the latest reader to reveal their top 10 (plus two).
FEEDBACK - A mixed mail bag reveals a broad spectrum of opinions about Eric's recent shows.
FURTHER ON UP THE ROAD - If you wanted to go for a nice quiet jog in Hyde Park, June 29 was a bad day to do it! Our guide to EC's live appearances starts here, with a look at the "Masters of Music" concert.
"WAR CHILD" BENEFIT, MODENA - Pavarotti poleaxes Holy Mother! A guide to why rock and opera should never mix.
SHEPHERD'S BUSH - Eric played an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, polka-dot Strat. So did Buddy Guy.
DR. JOHN "DUETS" - A follow-up to Unplugged? Not really. More like corporate rock in New York City.
MEDIA MISCELLANY - The Japanese were really pleased to see Eric back. And didn't they show it!
RADIO SHOWS - Rarer than a very rare thing indeed. But well worth having.
WE! GO TO A PARTY - Access all areas for the inaugural Readers' bash. 
And more!