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Where's Eric! - Issue 25

Where's Eric! Issue 25

August 1999

After Bid Night - "I'm prepared to go down in flames with this (the Crossroads Centre), because my heart is in it.. If we at Crossroads get one person sober, it'll have been worth every penny, because you can't put a value on human life". – EC. In probably the most hectic round of promotional work in his career, we track the events leading up to the auction of 100 of Eric's guitars to provide funds for the Crossroads Centre in Antigua.
Bright Lights, Big City - Start spreading the news ... Tony Edser is back in the Big Apple for Eric's Garden Party. Some great guests and some nice suprises in the setlist too.
Journeyman Back in Japan - If the year ends in an odd number, it's "odds on" Eric will be touring Japan. Check out the forthcoming tour dates.
Let The Good Times Roll - He wrote one of the most famous songs of all time; he fronted a major international rock band; he toured, recorded and fished with Eric in the early '80s; he's recently done shows with Ringo Starr and Bill Wyman. We couldn't believe Gary Brooker would want to talk to WE! - but we're mighty glad he did !
For The Record - For a man who was widely believed to be retiring (not in this camp, mind), there is an awful lot of new product coming out with the name Eric Clapton on it!
Where's ERIC! Classified - The return of the readers' and classified advertisements (an occasional series).