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Where's Eric! - Issue 26

Where's Eric! Issue 26

December 1999

Japan Tour '99 - Time for Eric to dust off his "domos" and his "arigatos" as he heads East for his 25th anniversary tour of Japan.
Guitars - Since the auction, we've had lots of enquiries along the lines of "so what has Eric got left?" Well, there's Blackie, Cherry, Goldie...oh, stop it!
Tuesday Night Music Club - Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Super Sheryl Crow. Throw a free party in Central Park for 25,000 people, invite along some of your rock 'n' roll pals and dazzle everyone with some great music. This girl doesn't need a cape and a big S on her chest to conquer the world, she's already got talent by the bucket-load.
For The Record - All the latest EC related releases plus the chance to win some rather super prizes.
And The Winner Is - It's inevitable that as you get close to the year-end, various awards, honours and prizes are given out. It's becoming almost inevitable too, that the name Eric Patrick Clapton will be on one or two of them!
The Master of Keys and Trees - Chuck Leavel reading Where's ERIC! Chuck Leavell has got the musical CV that exudes pedigree and class. The Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones - he's played with them all. He's also a skilled forester and a thoroughly nice bloke too. Check out his solo release.
The Concert of the Century - In a White House, with black curtains ... Eric returns on sparkling from to the home of the President for an understated celebration of American music.
The Journeyman's Boot Room - He's back ! More limited edition box-sets and choice CD packages - unofficial but nice.