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Where's Eric! - Issue 27

Where's Eric! Issue 27

April 2000

Hall of Fame - The 15th induction ceremony of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Eric was there too for his third honoring - this time as a solo artist.
The Dominos Compendium - It's flashback time again and the favourite era for many Clapton fans. In the first of two part series we introduce Derek and The Dominos and set the scene for a short-lived but memorable period of great musicians, great songs, great memories.
Bobby Whitlock - As a versatile keyboard player, guitarist and strong song-writer, Bobby Whitlock was a big influence on Eric and an integral member of the Dominos. WE! stayed up late to catch this exclusive interview.
For The Record - All the latest EC related releases plus some super-duper prizes to win and details of three important media broadcasts.
Last Impressions - Curtis Mayfield made a deep and lasting impression on so many people. The stars turned out in LA to pay a memorable tribute.
And more!