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Where's Eric! - Issue 32

Where's Eric! Issue 32

October 2002

It's Only Rock 'n' Royal - The Party at the Palace; 2,500,000 ticket applications, only 12,000 spaces, all hand-picked with a personal invitation from HRH. Pam Parrott, come on down...
White Vroom (Vroom) - Another outdoor drenching for Eric's loyal fans compensated by some fine playing at this summer's Ferrari and Maserati Festival.
Cream at The Scene - At a time when one of their best known tunes ("I Feel Free") has this summer been advertising Waitrose free range eggs, we flash back to Cream's 1968 US Tour and their brief residency at Milwaukee's The Scene, asking "when did you ever see Eric with a moustache and ponytail?"
For the Record - A round up of recent EC related releases plus some great prizes to win.
Martin Scores EC - Despite a heading that would put The Sun to shame, here's the full spec. on the new Martin EC signature acoustic guitar. The Fab Five: John, Paul, George, Ringo...and Eric? - In the first of a three part magnum opus, we trace back Eric's musical association with The Beatles.
And more!