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Where's Eric! - Issue 33

Where's Eric! Issue 33

February 2003

EC was Here - Eric nips off down to Bologna for some Ferrari festivities the drops in on a local gig with No Stiletto Shoes.
Walk of Fame - Eric performs at the BET induction for Stevie Wonder.
Remembering Carl Wilson - EC joins Brian Wilson in a benefir concert for the former Beach Boy.
Concert for George - Definitely one of those 'I was there' occasions. A full house and a full stage pays a memorable tribute to George Harrison.
One More Car, One More Rider - You've bought it, played it, watched the DVD; now read what Eric has to say about it.
Forgotten Sessions - It's time to go back into the old cupboard and dust down some of that ancient vinyl in the box marked 'Sessions'. Jon Maclean recalls some more of Eric's session legacy as we reprise this popular WE! feature.
Fab Five Part Two - The second installment in a magnum opus on Eric's musical association with The Beatles takes in the early George Harrison years.
Tom Dowd - In memory of the legendary producer.
For the Record - A round up of recent EC related releases plus some great prizes to win.
And more!