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20 March 1964 - The Yardbirds


Marquee Club Soho, Central London
United Kingdom
First Headliner For The Yardbirds + Live Recording Session
Band Lineup: 
Eric Clapton – Lead Guitar 
Keith Relf – Vocals / Harmonica 
Chris Dreja – Rhythm Guitar 
Paul Samwell-Smith – Bass 
Jim McCarty – Drums
The Impulsions
Set List: 

01. Too Much Monkey Business
02. Got Love If You Want It
03. Smokestack Lightning
04. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
05. Respectable
06. Five Long Years
07. Pretty Girl
08. Louise
09. I'm A Man
10. Here 'Tis

Show Notes: 

This is the most likely recording date for "Five Live Yardbirds" according to music historian and author Marc Roberty (see Eric Clapton / Day By Day 1963-1982). The band is captured at their peak and at one of their regular venues on the U.K. Club and Ballroom circuit. 

Official Recording: 

Five Live Yardbirds (Columbia 1964 / UK only) - LP
Five Live Yardbirds (Rhino 1988 / US only) - CD
Five Live Yardbirds (Repertoire 1988 / UK only) - CD