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Music Videos

Music videos exploded on the scene in the early 1980s with the advent of MTV. Over the years, channels like VH1, MuchMusic, MTV2, Fuse and others fueled the need for musicians to film videos to go along with their newest radio singles. They were a necessary tool to promote an album. Often, an artist's music videos were compiled and released on video tape and DVD to the home market.

Today, with the change in programming on music channels away from 24 / 7 airing of videos, many heritage acts have chosen not to film new videos, although they continue to release singles for radio airplay. 

Clips from artists “long-form” live concert videos were also released to these television channels to keep the artist in the public eye.

However, "music videos" weren’t exactly a new idea. In the late 1960s, bands often created “promotional films” which were licensed to TV shows to promote their new songs. The Beatles were at the forefront of this movement after they stopped touring in 1966. These films were not as sophisticated as later music videos but they did their job. In February 1967, Eric Clapton filmed such a promo while with Cream.

Eric Clapton released his first solo music video in 1986 for the song “Forever Man” from the album Behind The Sun. As of now, Eric’s last two music videos were for his 2001 CD, Reptile.

Here is a list music videos filmed to support Eric Clapton’s solo singles:

Forever Man 1986 Behind The Sun Clapton Chronicles
It’s In The Way That You Use It 198? August, Color of Money N/A
After Midnight 1988 Crossroads N/A
Pretending 1989 Journeyman Clapton Chronicles
Bad Love 1989 Journeyman Clapton Chronicles
Running On Faith 1989 Journeyman Clapton Chronicles
Tears In Heaven 1992 Rush (Film Soundtrack) Clapton Chronicles
Layla 1992 Unplugged Clapton Chronicles
Motherless Child 1994 From The Cradle Clapton Chronicles
Change The World 1997 Phenomenon (Film Soundtrack) N/A
My Father’s Eyes 1998 Pilgrim Clapton Chronicles
Pilgrim 1998 Pilgrim Clapton Chronicles
Blue Eyes Blue 1999 Runaway Bride (Film Soundtrack) Clapton Chronicles
Reptile Song 2001 Reptile N/A
Reptile Song 2001 Reptile N/A